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How do I pay?

We accept all major International and Indian Credit Cards, Debit cards, Net Banking, Mobile Payments, Cash Card based payment or NEFT/ third party transfer from your existing netbanking Account. Click here to know more details on payment methods offered by us.

What are available delivery locations?

India Adhesive is a fast growing network of young and energetic entreprenuers. We believe in best services through latest technology and IT resources implementation. We avail Product Delivery across entire India through our network of Depot located across all States with subjective valuation parameter for delivery.

What are your delivery and other charges ?

There are No additional delivery or handling charges for Delivery subjected to minimum buy value as set. Delivery is executed during working days through our nearest sales depot. Our prices are all-inclusive for delivery in specified locations. Your Credit Card/ Bank Account/ Cash Card/ Mobile is charged with exact order mentioned amount only. All bank and related charges for processing are included in this cost.

What if I forgot to mention Special Instructions while Ordering?

Don't worry! Send an email along with your Order No and Message to be delivered. We will take rest care to deliver this message while delivering your Order. You can send this email to us by clicking here.

How can I trust that you'll deliver good quality material?

India Adhesive is a portal with diversified and rich marketing and support services experience. Our decades of experience in promoting and marketing along with services in various segments avails best satisfaction. All products availed in our Online Shop are from our parent group New Era Adhesives having decades of manufacturing and client services experience. All goods dispatched undergo thorough quality checks. Rest assured, your order is in safe hands.

Is it safe to order online?

From the time you make your selection and enter your credit card details, your transmission is securely encrypted (coded). Our service partners are CCAvenue, India's premier Credit Card Transaction Processing Company. Unless a "hacker" has very expensive equipment, a lot of bandwidth and inordinate amounts of patience, they are not going to be able to "intercept" your credit card numbers as they fly though the byways of the internet. Even we will never get to see your transaction - it is directly between yourself and the credit card gateway.

Foreign currency payments?

We deliver only within India as of now. You may pay from any of your Indian banker card only. We will update back as we open up international shipment.

What name appears on my Credit Card Statement?

We use Credit Card Payment Gateway for online payments acceptance. Therefore, your Credit Card Statement will have name appearing as per our credit card company registration information.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely. Our Customer information privacy is our prime motto. We do not and will never divulge information about any customer to anyone unless required to do so by a Law Enforcement Agency.

Can I add/remove/ order specific Item?

Sure! Please write to us for your specific Item query along with quantity you wish to place order for. According to availability, we will inform you the status and period required thereof.

Can I Send Personalised instructions along with my order?

Sure! Your every Order can accompany personalized instruction message for delivery and other prospects.

I have more queries ! Can I talk to someone ?

Certainly. Feel free to call us at +91-257-2223347

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